Dads play a huge role in our lives.  I’m sure you can remember your father and can link their actions directly to behaviors you have today.  Unfortunately, too many of us did not have a father figure who served a positive example in our lives.

Today, I challenge men who were fortunate enough to have a loving father, to pass that love to those who don’t.  Positive male role models are imperative and we should step up to play that role for our children and our community.  It takes time and dedication, but we can do it.

I was bored?

A few weeks ago I wrote about seeking boredom. This week I experienced a few minutes of it.  With the little guy and wife out of town, it was just the dog and I.  It was strange to feel bored. But it came at a good time. It allowed me time to think about meaningful movements and people in my past. Without the boredom, this wouldn’t have happened.


About everything in life requires intentionality. When we’re not focused on what we’re doing, we waste a lot of time. When you budget your time, you can gain control. Now intentionality needs to be balanced with a level of spontaneity, but in general, intentionality should be prioritized.

Transition time

Change in leadership is tough.  A new person, with new ideas, asking for patience while they learn the ropes.  It’s even more difficult when there are multiple transitions at one time.

The upside is that this is a time for a fresh start.  Look at things from a new perspective. Not how we’ve done things before, but how will we do them in the next few years.  This thinking is a large reason for transition in the first place.  Don’t let it go to waste.


By trusting others, and expressing that trust, we give others the responsibility to do their job right.  Its our job to find those who will use our trust as a driver to high performance.


What is better?  To set extremely high expectations and rarely meet the bar. But by coming close, you’ve accomplished a great deal? Or to set the bar lower than what you know you can do?

Setting a high bar is better. Though the disappointment of not “succeeding” will hurt, if you are able to maintain perspective, self reflection will reveal progress.