Call of destiny

“There is a perpetual temptation to accelerate the call of destiny.”

How do you avoid this temptation while not missing opportunity standing before you?  We’ve been told that we don’t want to be on our death bed with regrets. How do you reconcile this paradox?

The key is the embrace of your “role.”  In the 1980’s, social scientist Daniel Yankelovich wrote about a couple he named Mark & Abby, but this could easily be you or I:

“If you feel it is imperative to fill all your needs, and if these needs are contradictory or in conflict with those of others, or simply unfillable, then frustration inevitably follows. To Abby and to Mark as well self-fulfillment means having a career and marriage and children and sexual freedom and autonomy and being liberal and having money and choosing non-conformity and insisting social justice and enjoying city life and country living and simplicity and graciousness and reading and good friends and on and on. The individual is not truly fulfilled by becoming ever more autonomous. Indeed, to move too far in this direction is to risk psychosis, the ultimate form of autonomy. The injunction that to find one’s self, one must lose one’s self, contains the truth any seeker of self-fulfillment needs to grasp.”


The more you have of it, the more you despise it in others.

Pride is nearly impossible to detect in yourself.  One way to monitor your pride is to check your level of frustration at other people’s pride.


I think we all can relate to a time in our past we wish we could experience again.  I love memories of apple picking and apple sauce making on a crisp autumn day.  My parents around the kitchen talking as a cornucopia of fall scents warms the room.

It’s not strange to experience this nostalgia.  But these memories are really a memory of a memory, not the real thing.  This nostalgia exposes a deep longing for home.  If you believe in a Creator, how else can you explain this desire?  We have hope the Creator is in a place where we were created to exist.  Next time the feeling of nostalgia creeps in, let it point you to great joy that awaits with our Father in Heaven.