Why do we experience pain and discomfort? Think about the story of a girl born without the ability to feel pain (see CIPA).  After physical activity, she needs to be evaluated for any injuries she doesn’t feel.  When eating, blood would be the only thing to tip her off for biting her tongue. Imagine her as a toddler with all the bumps and bruises.

If you ask her family what they want for her more than anything, my guess would be for her to feel pain… to feel pain because they love her.

Pain allows us to address an injured area. Pain shows us when we’ve gone too far.  Pain exposes where we’re broken.  Pain helps us communicate to others where it hurts, which is necessary to be healed.  Though we don’t enjoy it, pain is essential to our experience on earth.  How can you think of the pain as a gift on the path to healing?

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