Medical unknown

The unknown is scary. The medical unknown is terrifying. Whether waiting for test results or a scheduled surgery, often the outcome is unknown.  So we wait. That’s all we can do.

If you haven’t been in this position (like myself), it’s hard to imagine how difficult the waiting can be. Days pass for us normally, while our loved one struggles to focus on routine tasks.  Empathy is critical.  Prayer is essential.


Something I love about weddings is the incorporation of different generations. Parents and grandparents lead the way.  Followed by the bridal party.  Then come the flower girl and ring bearer.

This is special symbolism as it allows the older generations to watch and be reminded of young love.  It allows the children to see the importance covenant marriage.  All those involved get to watch examples of love in every generation. Hopefully all involved leave with greater appreciation of marriage.

Old stories

Few things bond like the retelling of old experiences with friends.  The reminiscing is  amplified when the story “slightly” changes with each telling.

Balloonfest 86

Growing up in Northeast Ohio, we enjoyed ourselves and our experiences, but knew that it wasn’t the most glamorous place.  Today I was informed of a story that us from metro Cleveland area can safely say… “That’s so Cleveland.”

Read about Balloonfest 86 .  Basically Cleveland was trying to break the record for most helium balloons released.  The United Way released 1.5 million balloons before schedule to beat an afternoon storm.  The storm came and blew the balloons back over the city causing car accidents, horse spookings, even accused drownings.  This is so Cleveland.

The taste of summer

My “tastes” of summer:

  1. Cool pool water on hot summer day
  2. Fresh cut grass
  3. Salt water after being tossed by a wave
  4. Bottomless movie popcorn during summer blockbuster. Preferably during a thunderstorm.


I’m restless. It’s hard to relax. However, there are a few things that I enjoy simply because I cannot be anywhere else at that time, I must be fully present:

  1. Long drives
  2. Long walk or hike
  3. Dentist appointments (no joke)
  4. Conversations with old friends where all technology is in another room

Where are you fully present?