Understanding why

Is there a time when it’s okay do something without understanding the why behind it?  In the case of love, do we need to know why we do something for a loved one other than the fact they desire it?  Is that okay?  Or should we still seek to understand why?  If we know the why, does it make us prone to judge another’s intentions?

In the context of service to another, your love for a person should be enough motivation to act on their request.  By asking the why, we may think our loved one’s why is not justified.  As our relationships deepen, the why may become apparent on its own, making us more willing to serve.

In the context of business, not understanding the why displays ignorance that will not be accepted much longer in our economy.

In context of both loving-service and business, we should have a desire to understand the why, however, the why in loving-service should not impede action.  In business, understanding the why is of the upmost importance prior to action.

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