Why to start

I heard a story today that hammers home the idea on why to start on any project (especially in the age of the internet). The full story can be found here, but is summarized below.

If you’ve heard the “oldies” song Rock Around the Clock (RATC), it is because a child recommended his father and some friends listen to a random, no one has heard of, song (RATC).  His father happened to be Glenn Ford, a famous actor of the time and just starting filming on the movie Blackboard Jungle.  The friends who heard the song were the movie’s producers.  RATC ended up being played in the movie a few times… sparking an entire new genre of music, rock-n-roll.

It’s hard to imagine rock-n-roll not existing, but there was a time that people had never heard an “uptempo” song.  Had Bill Haley and his Comets never released RATC, had Peter Ford not enjoyed music as a child, had it been someone other than Glenn Ford listening to the song… who knows where music would be today.

Moral is, the song was out there and was discovered.  Had it not been there, the world today would be different.  What do we have inside of us that is not yet out there?  I’m still discovering this for myself and am excited for what lies ahead.

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